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Automotive Classes

Boles Automotive is proud to offer Classes to Help You Grow

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We are super excited to be offering automotive classes at Boles Automotive Service Center, LLC!!! Our first class CAR CONFIDENCE will be filled with everything you'll need to know confidently drive and maintain your vehicle.

What all is included in our CAR CONFIDENCE class? - We'll cover all of the major components. - You'll learn basic maintenance by performing services with the instructor. - Spotting Failures before they happen. - Financial advise for wisely purchasing and maintaining a vehicle - Planning for the future, warranties and other unknowns.
This class is PACKED with info. We will have at least one vehicle in our shop for you to work on!
Seats are $100.00 each for the first class (date TBA) and will go up to $150.00 each for all future class dates. Seats are limited to 10 for each class so that we can be sure to give each student personalized hands on instruction.

For those who are really wanting to dig in deep we will be hosting advanced classes for each of the major automotive systems. These advanced classes will go beyond routine maintenance and into the more intricate workings of each system. Fundamentals, theory and hands on instruction will help you truly understand the intended functions of components. This knowledge will help you learn how to properly diagnose and repair each system. These classes will be for the serious enthusiast or anyone looking for a future career in the automotive repair industry. This isn't your usual YouTube instruction but a truly strong educational experience.

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